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Jetpack Solutions Can Save You a Trip to the Apple Store

Are you at your wits end with Apple IDs and passwords? Bewildered by the difference between a Mac Pro and an iMac? Do you need someone to set up your Mac-centric home or small-office network? Can’t figure out how to access your computers remotely? How about recommendations for finally getting WiFi coverage everywhere you need it?

Jetpack Solutions provides professional tech support and consulting for Apple devices including Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We can set up your new Mac, show you how to sync your devices, or create a password system that works for you. We can help you decide whether to buy that new Mac or keep the old one. Don’t drive all the way to the Apple Store, call us instead. Whether you’re a MacBook user on the go, a family with a home full of devices, or a small business, we can help.

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