Apple ID and Passwords

Are you juggling eight different iCloud accounts? Confused about the difference between iCloud and MobileMe? Are you swamped in yellow post-its that may or may not have your Amazon password? I can help.

New Device Purchases

Don’t know the difference between a MacBook, a MacBook Air, and a MacBook Pro? Maybe you’re sure you want a desktop computer, but you can’t decide between an iMac 5K and a Mac Pro. I’m an expert, so you don’t have to be. I’ll do everything from help you decide what to buy to actually making the purchase and setting up your new equipment.

Data Transfer and Migration

Buying a new Mac, iPad, iPhone? I can help you move transfer your data and settings to your new device. It’ll be like you never left the old one. Only, you know, newer and faster.

Home and Small Office Networks

So, you’ve got a WiFi network in the house, but it doesn’t reach the home office. I can find a solution.

Tech Support

Screen blank? Advertising pop-ups all over your desktop? Can’t login to your account? Does your screen look funny? Did you let the kids use the computer and now all your settings are wonky? Let’s fix that.

Backup Systems

You need a backup system, and I don’t mean just using Dropbox and hoping for the best. Together, we can create a backup system to keep your valuable data safe no matter what.

Instruction and Consulting

How do I watch something on my Apple TV? How do I use Microsoft Excel? I’ve taught clients how to do everything from the basics of starting and shutting down their computer to setting up and managing a password system. I’ll help you learn to use specific programs like Excel, Mail, or Safari, or review more general concepts like how to manage your data and keep your system settings the way you like them.